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I am Tracy L. Tate Jones. I am motivated to share my story to encourage others, women and men, to LIVE life fully. The trials and tribulations I've endured in life are a true testimony of courage, endurance, and a never ending will to live. My message to women is find courage within to persevere and for men to understand the impact they have on women, Queens of the Earth.

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Tracy L. Tate Jones

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Five Years In A Fog, Overcoming Obstacles

November 1, 2018

I've always thought to write my story, but had one excuse after another. I finally joined a compilation book with several beautiful women that put my excuses aside. This book will journal the five years following devastating trauma, of the trials and tribulations I've overcome in life. The information within will inspire, encourage and uplift those who are lost in their journey.


"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?"

Vincent Van Gogh



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90-Day Gratitude Journal

Book Cover_Broken Into Brilliance Vol II

Broken Into Brilliance Vol II

Five years in a fog book cover image wit

Five Year In A Fog; Overcoming Obstacles

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Girl Hold My Purse

January 6, 2020

I am extremely proud and honored to be part of this 90-Day Gratitude Journal for your Business. Be grateful for where you start, through the process and to the end.

October 2018

I'm honored to be featured in this masterpiece with other amazing women sharing their story of triumph. My chapter, From The Frying Pan Into The Fire introduces the story of a point in my life that changed every piece of my being. Not only is it my story of triumph over abuses, it's also the story of who I am today!

October 2018

This book continues the story from my chapter From the Frying Pan Into The Fire, from Broken Into Brilliance Vol II. It details the daily struggles of physical abuse, mental abuse and drug abuse. The story of triumph over giving up on life to becoming the woman I am today.

November 2020

This book is a must have for financial management and wealth creation. I have two chapters in the book: Bookkeeping vs. Accounting and Business Formation. If you are a savvy woman business owner, you need this book. The coauthors bring over 35 years of experience to their respective chapters.

Misty Slope

Girl H

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